Simple Fidget Cube – For ADHD & Stress-Relief

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Would you love to own one of these lovely fidget cubes?

  • Excellent for alleviating stress and anxiety for both kids and adults
  • Increases your focus and concentration (Hence, productivity as well) for times like studying, researching, working, etc.
  • Perfect gift for children and adults with high energy, high stress, ADHD, ADD, OCD, and even Autism
  • Lovely toy for both fidgeters and none-fidgeters alike
  • Lightweight, small and portable – Easy to carry with you to school, college, or work
  • 6 sides for 7 fidget features available at your service: Click, spin, glide, roll, press and push buttons
  • 5 buttons on the cube: 3 clicker (audible), and 2 silenced ones for the fidgeters who prefer to have either options or both!
  • 10 different colors available

Fulfill all your fidgeting needs and release that energy on the go – Order your cube today with the color of your preference!

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What is fidgeting and why do we fidget?

I think we’re all fidgeters to some extent. Even if you don’t use a pen or paper clicks to fidget, simple actions such as tapping your foot or bouncing your knee up and down are considered types of fidgeting.

Recent studies showed that, unlike our common misconceptions and negative thoughts that we have on fidgeters, it turns out that it’s quite a normal thing and doesn’t give signs of low intelligence or professionalism at all.

Fidgeting can help alleviate stress and anxiety, and increases our focus when thinking or working on something.

Q: I already have a pen. Do I still need the fidget cube?

The pen-fidgeting concept was a huge inspiration behind the creation of the fidget cube. The pen is probably the most popular fidget “tool” out there. However, with the fidget cube, you are not restricted to only one fidget activity like what the pen offers, but instead, you have 6 more fidget features that you can use anytime you need. The fidget cube has 5 clicker buttons, some with audible clicks and some are silent, whichever you prefer.

Q: Do I still need the fidget cube even if I don’t usually fidget?

Sure! Anybody can enjoy the fidget cube and even if you’re not a “regular” fidgeter, you will find that the cube will help you relief some stress at times like job meetings or getting stuck in traffic, and can help you keep concentration for a longer time when working or studying.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm



White Gold, Dark-Gray Black, Light-Gray Black, White Black, Black Green, Black Red, Black, White Blue, White Green, White Rose


> 3 years old


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