Solar Power Cockroach Toy – For Both Teaching and Fun!


Would you love to own this insect bug toy or gift it to a beloved little family member?

  • Awesome gift that can be both fun and instructional
  • Teach little kids about energy and solar power by demonstrating it for them with this little bug!
  • Fun way to introduce students of science and physics to solar energy and energy transformation
  • Watch them get amazed when the bug moves on its own when put under the sun! 🙂
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Demonstrate the power of the sun and solar energy with this fun little insect cockroach bug toy!

  1. Simply put it on the ground in a place where the sun can easily shine on
  2. The solar panel on the back of the cockroach will absorb that energy
  3. The energy absorbed is then transferred and transformed through an electronic circuitry to mechanical energy
  4. That energy will make the cockroach tremble and move as if it’s about to charge and attack a target!

Fun, instructional, simple, and just a great gift to young kids.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 42 x 20 x 0.13 cm

Men, Women


> 3 years old




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