We at Five Stars Bargains do our best to bring to our customers the best products and services with competitive prices. And that includes good, reliable, and fast shipping services.

We have examined different shipping services available and looked for one that offers both fast and inexpensive shipping worldwide, and we were fortunate enough to find a shipping company that meets those demands.


Being able to ship a physical product from one country to another, or from one country’s region to another, will never be both fast and free. If it’s free, which we could also provide that, then the shipping time will be increased substantially and you will not be satisfied. If it’s very fast, like within a week or a few days, then expect it to be very expensive, which would also be a problem.

That’s why we’ve chosen a reliable shipping company that is actually affordable and have relatively fast shipping.

We have decided to include a MINIMUM FLAT RATE of 2.95$ for every purchase, which is a reasonable and very affordable price. Sometimes it would cost us double the amount but we’ll gladly take the hit for our customers and pay the difference. We hope you understand and kindly ask for your patience!


Most items from Five Stars Bargains ship in about 5 – 15 days from the purchase date.


Our international shipping quite takes some time as it is from one country to another. So it takes us 10 – 30 days for us to ship to your country and in some cases, if there are no holidays, it could be earlier than that.

Please note that for International Shipping Tax duty income charges may be applied depending on your country but we are not responsible for the charges.


You can upgrade your shipping preference to cut down on shipping time tremendously but that will cost you additional money. We recommend sticking to our default shipping service which is picked automatically on checkout depending on your country. If you, however, insist on having very fast shipping no matter where you are in the world, please contact us before you purchase and we’ll update you with the new shipping time and how much extra money it will cost you.

Having Problems With Shipping or Haven’t Received Your Product?

If you haven’t received your product, the product was lost during shipping, or shipping time is taking much longer than stated here, don’t worry at all. Just contact us or send us an email to and we’ll work with you to find a solution that makes you 100% satisfied. Remember, we have a strict Refund & Returns policy that protects our customers in situations like these.

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